AC Tangential Fan

We are professional manufacturer of AC Fan. Our main products include Cross Flow Fan, JYS Fan, Tangential Fan, Cross Fan, etc.

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DC Tangential Fan

Our company offers DC Tangential Blower, DC Blower, DC Fan, Air Blower, Air Door, Curtain Door, and DC Air Door with superior quality and reasonable price.

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Index Guide Of Air Flow Direction

Company Profile

Jin Yih Shyang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Established in 1993, the company maintains design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan only. We are the most professional manufacturer of cross flow fans with various models and wide range of specifications. with our elite Research and development engineers team and most advance testing equipment’s, such as Automatic Air Flow Rate, Pressure Measurement Apparatus, Free Field Semi-Anechoic Room, Constant High and Low Temperature Testing Chamber, Vibroscope, Thermograph and Rotor Stabilizer, etc. Most of our cross flow fans with RoHS, CE, UL & TUV certified designed for cooling or heating application. We enjoyed a good reputation and satisfaction in our reliable quality. In year of 2012, we were in the lead of other competitors to designed and produced the DC 3-Phase Brushless motor, improve with lower noise, reduce vibration, high efficiency and top grade quality of JYS' brand cross flow fans to all over the world. Aggressive expansion of innovative approaches to cooling and heating solutions maintains our position at the forefront of this industry field.